Founded by the Precept Group in 2009, CarePlus offers a group health plan solution on an insured or self-insured basis that includes medical, dental, vision, disability and life insurance. A full suite of employer administrative services is offered along with CarePlus, or alone. Retirement plan administration is offered through our registered investment advisory firm.

Now available exclusively through McGriff Insurance Services, BB&T Insurance Services of California, McGriff, Seibels & Williams, and Precept Insurance Solutions, CarePlus offers employers predictability in their annual Health & Welfare budgets, and incentives and rewards for healthy behaviors for enrolled employees and their families.

CarePlus is built on the premise that employers and employees can have the most significant impact on changing the currently unsustainable course of annual health care cost increases, by establishing a culture of health and engaging employees in healthy activities and lifestyle decisions. At the same time, employees are motivated and can receive rewards for participating in health screenings, health assessments, and various forms of clinical coaching, when the need exists.

CarePlus regularly outperforms carrier populations through these integrated activities. Year over year, CarePlus posted average rate increases well under industry norms.

Through employer engagement, carrier commitment, comprehensive underwriting practices, exhaustive population health management services and healthy-behavior incentives, CarePlus members are up to five times more engaged in their health outcomes than carrier norms.

CarePlus is a proven model for Accountable Care Communities, which align members, employers, health providers and insurance carriers in the delivery of exceptional health care programs without exceptional expense.

CarePlus changes lives.

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