Precept Insurance Solutions

For more than a quarter-century, Precept Group has been the right choice for employee benefit solutions and administration outsourcing for employers. We offer a wide range of services to improve employee wellness, reduce benefits administration, and deliver short- and long-term savings.

  • Benefits consulting: We bring Fortune 100 employee benefit strategies to middle-market firms – strategically managing benefit programs is not only key to a company’s financial well-being, but also to employee attraction, recruitment, and retention.
  • Brokerage services: We help employers stretch their benefit dollars to include COBRA and FSA administration for what is typically paid exclusively for brokerage services.
  • Corporate wellness and health improvement: We believe businesses need to embrace employee wellness and health improvement – so we help employers identify risks, personalize benefits information, engage and motivate employees, and measure the impact of a firm’s integrated health management strategy.
  • Retirement plan services: Our mission is to build customized, competitive, cost-effective, and employee-appreciated retirement plans that integrate with each company’s total compensation strategies.
  • International benefits consulting: We can provide the centralized support employers need to address tactical and strategic issues, whether a firm has a handful of employees in foreign lands or offices around the globe.

Precept Group has the unique, proven ability to provide proactive, efficient, and results-driven benefits services to positively impact our clients’ financial well-being and employee health and wellness.

For more information, visit www.preceptgroup.com.

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