Insurance Companies (Carriers)

Whether through our Premier Partner programs, or through any other engagements, we are proud of our record of working with premier insurance companies (“carriers”) and providers to achieve member health and satisfaction for employers.

Our health carrier partners are dedicated to delivering the best care and results for CarePlus members, providing measurable value to all customers, and working hard to improve the overall health of the employers and communities they serve. This is a hallmark of CarePlus. 

With $2.2 billion of premium and more than 800,000 covered members in our fully insured and self-funded group health plans, our fully integrated population health management programs improve the risk profile of our employers’ populations and support our carrier partners’ business objectives. (CarePlus manages over $5 billion in assets and premiums when you consider the business we handle in our Retirement Plan Services environment.) 

Our programs are designed to work alongside our carriers’ programs in an integrated effort to keep employees healthy and productive.

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