Improve your employees’ health and reduce costs.

Your employee benefits program should do both, shouldn’t it?

The CarePlus exclusive suite of employee benefit programs, solutions, and strategies offers employers annual budget predictability and increased employee productivity and morale. 

 Your challenges – handled:

  • Annual rate predictability – premier partner programs that beat market trends
  • Fully insured or self-funded employee benefits programs with numerous choices
  • A full spectrum of administrative services and solutions for the employer
  • Online enrollment and Web-based tools to guide employees happily
  • Population health management and reward/incentive programs to encourage and reward healthy behaviors
  • Retirement plan consulting and registered investment advisory services to assess or develop a program that helps turn your health into wealth

Interested? But, want to make sure your time is respected? 

Our Assessment Program helps you and us determine which direction may be best, or even none at all. 

Our no-obligation assessment offers:

  • Better understanding of your employee health risks that are driving your costs
  • Ideas on how to control medical claims through the right services and outcomes
  • Programs that improve the health status of your employees
  • Traditional and digital methods to engage your employees in improving their health
  • A snapshot of what your improved employee productivity, reduced absenteeism, and decreased presenteeism might look like
  • Reduced disability, worker’s compensation, and safety claims
  • Credible support of your employee attraction and retention strategies
  • A roadmap to enhance your total rewards strategy

The only challenge left is to see how it all could work for you, your employees and their families.

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