CarePlus employee benefits solutions focus on key employer interests and objectives. Significant savings can be achieved in areas of a plan design without reducing the quality of coverage.

Best Value-Based RX Designs
Value-Based RX Design

When employees are in full compliance with their treatment plan for managing an ongoing condition like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, their cost for Rx is reduced

High-Quality Hospitals and High-Cost Procedures
High-Quality Hospital

High-cost procedures will be covered at a higher percentage if members use centers of excellence for treatment.

Set Amounts for Business Procedures
Business Procedures

Allowable amounts will be set for major procedures and the member will be engaged in confirming costs at or below that allowable level amount at the facility they choose for their procedure.

Non-Capitalized Consumer-Driven, Low Cost Plans
Move from High to Low Cost Plans

Offering non-capitalization consumer-driven, lower-cost plans to allow low users savings on premium costs and additional benefits from lower utilization.

Multi-Client Pooled Success
Pooled Successes

By combing multiple clients into one pool, the fixed retention costs will be less per district with larger volume discounts.

Incentive Management Programs with Wellness Rewards
Health as Primary Goal

Reducing claims through an incentive management program that rewards employee's wellness activities and health improvement behaviors.