Case Management

Client Profile

  • Industry: Entertainment
  • # of Employees: 60,000 (Global)
  • Beneficiaries: 20,000
  • Claims Costs: $300 Million (Annual)
  • Funding Type: Self-Funded




Annual Fee Savings


12-Month ROI


24-Month ROI

Employer Challenges

  • 10-15% rate increases over the past 5 years
  • Lack of strategy
  • Reactive rather than proactive budget process
  • Employee contributions used to offset insurance costs
  • No cash flow savings
  • Medical carrier charging the client high reserve claim fees

CarePlus Strategy

  • Leverage client size and favorable risk profile
  • Change medical funding to self-insured to maximize cash flow savings
  • Change network access to increase plan value to the employer/employee
  • Utilize Precept Health Management Services to manage large claimants
  • Eliminate high cost claim reserve fees
  • Maintain medical carrier, plan design, and employee contributions

The Results

  • Financial savings of 15% or $1.58 million annually (cash flow)
  • Renewal at 2% over prior year costs
  • Maintained medical carrier, plan design, and employee contributions
  • Eliminated high cost claim reserve fees. Savings of $1.2 million

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