Brokerage Services

Small organizations, particularly those with fewer than 50 full-time employees, have some new insurance options going into 2014 – namely, insurance exchanges. With this brings a lot of options and even more questions and confusion. Our Brokerage Services can help navigate your options and find the best solutions to fit your organization’s needs.

Do you feel as if you are getting the value, customer service, and financial results you deserve? Do you feel as if your broker is truly looking out for your organization’s best interests and the best interests of your employees?

With our uniquely integrated benefits consulting and administration outsourcing service structure, we can often help employers stretch their benefit dollars to include such services as COBRA and FSA or corporate wellness programs for what is typically paid in annual commissions for brokerage services only. Not only is this possible, it is then delivered by a single cohesive service team. Combine this with our ability to deliver consistent, sustainable cost-management strategies and you have a solution that will help you be a better employer and improve the lives of your employees.

Our Brokerage Services offers you what most other brokers to do not:

  • A dedicated client-centric service team that uses a robust service delivery model to ensure that your questions get answered and your needs are met.
  • Employee benefit satisfaction surveys to help you better understand what your employees are looking for in their benefit plans.
  • In-house underwriters committed to delivering the very best plan designs and rates the market has to offer.
  • Benefit communications that actually improve your employees’ understanding of and value for your benefit program.
  • Open enrollment support and implementation, including the facilitation of open enrollment meetings and more.
  • Streamlined benefits administration services, including COBRA, FSA, and online enrollment.
  • Chief Medical Officer and Corporate Wellness team that can help you lead your employees to live healthier and more productive lives.

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