Health Management Services

Wellness and Employee Engagement

Integrated wellness solutions, strategies, and technologies that help employers manage financial risk by implementing programs to inspire employees to improve the healthy activities that result in improved medical care outcomes.

  • Reduce short- and long-term medical claims costs by improving the health of your employees in disease management programs that reduce their need for more expensive medical care
  • Motivate employees to be consumers, rather than just users, of health care
  • Increase employee productivity, reduce absenteeism, and decrease the impact of disability on your bottom line
  • Improve performance and accountability of your health plan and health program vendors
  • Engage employees in identifying their health risks and encourage them to lead healthier lives
Wellness Consulting

Our experts design wellness and incentive programs that drive engagement using both worksite and online solutions; may include monthly wellness communications, health assessments, biometric screening and flu shot coordination, and more.

Population Health Consulting Enhancements

Employee wellness surveys and reports, “Worksite Physical” assessment survey and report, and clinical health plan audits.

Clinical Consulting

Our clinical staff performs claims analytics, provides utilization analytics with program engagement reporting, and designs health promotion programs to address key health issues within the population.

Employee Engagement Technologies

CarePlus Online Health

Our CarePlus online engagement technology helps organizations reinvigorate their health and wellness programs by combining financial accountability, clinical and behavioral insights, social and game mechanics, and powerful data analytics to create a personalized and persuasive experience delivered through Web, mobile, and live interactions.

CarePlus Data Analytics

Our data analytics help employers develop a deeper understanding of their organization’s cost and risk management factors by identifying high-risk employees with significant chronic conditions for care coordination and creating unique campaigns to drive targeted outreach. Our program also provides claims analysis, cost monitoring, and benchmarking to measure wellness program impact.

CarePlus Mobile

The CarePlus Mobile platform offers analytics to help you understand the unique risk profile of your employees through advanced analysis of your employee population. We design health incentives, communication pieces, and healthy programs that are precision-targeted to those areas that will have the biggest impact on your employees. 

Precept Group Welcomes New Chief Medical Officer to Lead CarePlus Health Management Services

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