International Benefits Consulting

Our international benefit practice was created to support the growing demand for global benefits expertise. Our experienced U.S. and international benefits experts work together to provide comprehensive resources from one team. We are committed to providing value-added and innovative solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients’ employees around the world. Whether you have a handful of employees in foreign countries or a number of established offices around the world, we can provide the centralized support you need to address both your tactical and strategic challenges with international benefit management.

We provide advice and consulting in all major benefit service areas, including:

Global Benefits Management

  • Global Benefits Strategy – Develop comprehensive global benefits strategies and solutions that support employees’ physical, mental, and financial health.
  • International Benefits Plan Policy and Audits – Develop and review.
  • Benefit Plan Maintenance and Administration – Analysis, review, and service.
  • Assessment of Current Country Benefits – Competitive market position, risk management, and compliance with statutory requirements.
  • Geo-Expansion Support – Develop recommendations, manage approval process, and deliver benefits package for new country operations.
  • Development of Supplementary Benefit – Design and implement additional offerings in line with corporate guidelines and competitive practice.
  • Benefit Communications – Develop benefits marketing/communication strategy and deliver communication tools.
  • Benefits Enrollment – Provide innovative online and/or paper-based solutions to streamline the benefit enrollment process.
  • Premium Payments – Recommend methods for improved in-house administration and/or outsourcing of premium payment process.
  • Benefits Financial Management – Provide strategic and administrative support to develop annual global fringe benefit budget, including collecting benefit cost (private and mandatory) as an amount and percentage of payroll summarized by country, region, and global.

International Employee Benefit Assignments

  • Global Travel Programs – Assess benefit programs for U.S. and international employees traveling for short- or long-term business needs.
  • Benefits Program Management for Expatriates, Inpatriates and Third Country Nationals – Select, negotiate, and develop new program options and contract/performance review of existing programs.

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Strategic Support – During due diligence process and negotiations.
  • Operational Assistance – Manage benefits before and after close.

Multinational Pooling

  • New Pooling Arrangements – Select, negotiate, and establish.
  • Existing Pooling Arrangements – Contract and performance review.

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